Jan. 22nd, 2010

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For Gallifrey Doctor Who Convention (Feb 26-28th) I'm going to get to interview (on-stage) Louise Page! (costume designer for Doctor Who!)

They have the schedule up, too!
I'll be there the whole convention. I'm really looking forward to it, it's a really fun con. If you like Doctor Who or Torchwood, don't miss out!

~~~~ART SHOW - I'll have prints of some of my color Doctor Who artwork up, and I'll be doing at least one new piece just for Gallifrey. I might have some originals, too.

~~~~MY GALLIFREY SCHEDULE: ~~~subject to change~~~

~~5 pm - P3 - Louise Page: Costumers Reception & Interview - (I'll be interviewing)
~~6:15 pm P1 - Opening Ceremonies
~~8:30 pm - P2 - Gamble with Time Casino and Karaoke Bar

~~10 am - P4 - Cast & Companion Cosplay (might be attending)
~~2 pm - P2- Doctor Who Fan Art and Animation Seminar ( with Jean Kang and Sarah Airriess)
We'll be talking about our artwork in general, talking about drawing Doctor Who and we'll probably be doing some demos.
~~8pm - P1 -Masquerade - I'll be performing with my husband and friends. <3

~~10 am - P4 - Costuming 210 (helping on panel)
~~6 pm - P1 - Closing Ceremonies

and then I'll be attending whatever other panels/events I have time for as it goes. There's lots of great panels this year, so check out the schedule to see what interests you! If you're interested in costuming, here's some highlights of the costuming track. There's lots of great discussion panels, lots of writers from the show coming, Chicks Dig Timelords, lots of cast and companion actors from the show,... lots of fun stuff!

Costume-wise,... I'll be bringing my Stolen Earth + Doomsday Rose Tyler, Madame De Pompadour and my husband will be doing Captain Jack and the Tenth Doctor again, most likely. If you're curious, I'll be wearing Pompadour Sat afternoon into the evening, otherwise I'll be in Rose.


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